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About Us

As the founders of this company, we have been working in different positions in the cosmetics field since 2010. With this knowledge and experience, we decided to establish “Smella Cosmetics” in 2017. Within a short time, we continued to make a name for ourselves producing our own brands as well as our corporate companies brands.
Our goal is to provide the best and most economical products to the companies and customers , with our young, entrepreneurial and innovative touches.
People use different senses to comprehend and explain their daily lives. Although some of the 5 sensory organs (vision, hearing and speech) are more prominent in our daily functioning; studies have shown that the effect of the sense of smell on the subconscious is 60% more than other senses. So we’re trying to remove the perfume from one special sensory organ and to blend it with other sensory organs such as seeing, feeling and tasting in order to create a completely different atmosphere.

Packaging Selection

We make packaging selection for a stylish and decorative look before we start production.

Production Place

Our production facility meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

Blending in Chrome-Nickel Containers

We blend the essences & keep in aluminum bottles in chrome-nickel containers without touching.


Production without touching

-5 ° C temperature filter, leave it to rest, and again without touching the special machines to perform the filling process.

Intensive Essence Rate

In terms of product classification, our product is in the perfume class, which is the highest grade (with an essence rate of 20-30 percent).

Lasting Smell

Our products that pass the tests successfully change the air of your home and office with natural bamboo sticks.

Our Quality-Price Policy

We provide the most favorable price in the most favorable conditions without giving up the quality. We are also ideal to remove the perfume from the sense-smell organ and to connect it with other sensory organs such as seeing, feeling and tasting and creating a completely different atmosphere.

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